Fly your flag


It’s been a long while since I came across such a simple, effective and well-designed mark. Designed by the Finnish brand design agency Werkling, it manages to say it all in one tiny shape. See the video below for a further explanation of its levels of meaning.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 09.14.55In essence, it conveys the idea of Scandinavian design through the geometric, bold letterforms and stable, balanced (almost too rigid) composition. And of course, there’s that little ‘flag’ detail which takes the mark to a totally new level.┬áThumbs up!

Mine Kafon


Mine Kafon is a short documentary by Callum Cooper featuring a low cost solution to landmine clearance. This product, designed by Massoud Hassani consists of a wind-powered, rolling object made from bamboo and biodegradable plastics. It has an integrated GPS device that allows the user to follow its path and whether it has detonated any landmines.

Another intelligent solution to a serious, social problem. The documentary itself is yet another brilliant addition to Cooper’s portfolio.

Says it all

Designing an effective visual identity is one of the hardest jobs of a graphic designer. Compressing a myriad of messages of an organisation or product (history, culture, attitude, philosophy etc.) into a single mark can be close to impossible. And an effective identifier shouldn’t just communicate to an audience but also be appealing when used across different media and in different sizes. A designer needs to make sure that a successful logo works even when it is stripped of any cosmetic treatment (such as shadows, colour gradients, relections and glows) and printed in one colour or used as a favicon. Coming to think of it, great logos are a rare species.

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Skype-conference with UCF

Skype-conference with UCF

This morning I took part in a Skype-conference with Bryan Clark, Dion Star and students at UCF on how studio design practice can evolve through emergent technology. Bruce Duckworth (from gave his views on the theme by sharing the struggles and benefits of working in a company with 2 offices: one in the UK, and another in the US.


It’s been almost a year since I last posted on my blog. Much has happened since then:

I’ve changed country, changed house, became a full-time graphic designer and have finally got down to designing an identity for myself. There are some projects in the pipeline too, so I’ve updated my blog to be in line with the rest of the identity. Hope you enjoy the future updates!