Fly your flag


It’s been a long while since I came across such a simple, effective and well-designed mark. Designed by the Finnish brand design agency Werkling, it manages to say it all in one tiny shape. See the video below for a further explanation of its levels of meaning.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 09.14.55In essence, it conveys the idea of Scandinavian design through the geometric, bold letterforms and stable, balanced (almost too rigid) composition. And of course, there’s that little ‘flag’ detail which takes the mark to a totally new level.┬áThumbs up!



It’s been almost a year since I last posted on my blog. Much has happened since then:

I’ve changed country, changed house, became a full-time graphic designer and have finally got down to designing an identity for myself. There are some projects in the pipeline too, so I’ve updated my blog to be in line with the rest of the identity. Hope you enjoy the future updates!


Wednesday 1st September 2010 – 19:00hrs

Everything’s done: the curtain’s up, the wall’s all set up, the soundtrack is ready, the publication and postcards are on the shelf and the line has been drawn (both figuratively and literally… I’m referring to the yellow line beneath the curtain).

The wall

The shelf

Click on image to view animation

Sticking the vinyl lettering on the curtain

Finally! The production of the curtain has been finalised ­čÖé I will try to put it in place and attach the rods at the bottom of each strip by this afternoon. Had to reprint the A0 posters and one of the vinyl texts, but thanks to Craig, Cliff & Dawn, they should be done by tonight. Fingers-crossed!

Click on the above image to view an animation of the final stages of the curtain-making process.