The single line (story)

‘The problem with stereotypes is not they are not true, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.’

Superb speech by novelist Chimamanda Adichie about the effect of discourse on our understanding of the other. I encourage you to watch it.



Wednesday 1st September 2010 – 19:00hrs

Everything’s done: the curtain’s up, the wall’s all set up, the soundtrack is ready, the publication and postcards are on the shelf and the line has been drawn (both figuratively and literally… I’m referring to the yellow line beneath the curtain).

The wall

The shelf

Click on image to view animation

Sticking the vinyl lettering on the curtain

Finally! The production of the curtain has been finalised 🙂 I will try to put it in place and attach the rods at the bottom of each strip by this afternoon. Had to reprint the A0 posters and one of the vinyl texts, but thanks to Craig, Cliff & Dawn, they should be done by tonight. Fingers-crossed!

Click on the above image to view an animation of the final stages of the curtain-making process.

Vinyl lettering


And the lettering is in place too! Thank you so much to  Dawn & Cliff at Autograffiti for their patience and superb service and also to Bryan for his assistance. Yesterday I had my last tutorial with Lizzie – and I’m glad to have had the chance to share the publication, audio, wall and curtain with her! Thank you Lizzie for your patience too! Now it’s time to work on the A0 posters to go on the wall and the other two quotations on the curtain… Less than 1 week to the assessment!

(btw – to all who were involved in the publication or are simply curious about the process, I collected the printed publication – it’s super!!! You’ll have a chance to see it when I’m back although I’ll post some photos of it just before the exhibition!)

1 caption out of 3...

Publication & soundtrack

Curtain stapled and laid out in the studio

The plastic strips have been secured in place with a staple gun and the production of the curtain has been finalised. The vinyl lettering has been collected this morning and the very delicate process of sticking them on will commence shortly.

Also, the publication should be ready by tomorrow (can’t wait to see the final version – especially the transparent pages….). I’d like to thank Pete at Booths for the excellent service and his team at the pre-press section – great job! Soundtrack is progressing rather quickly too… Van and Ju’s voices sound really good and Sam has done a great job with the production . Thank you for all your help guys!

Fixing the rod

Thanks to Bryan who helped me align and fix the rod in place. I proofread the publication this morning, and even though there were some problems with the transparent paper, the proofs look rather good! I will also collect the laser-cut text from Autograffiti tomorrow…


Finally! All the strips have been cut (phew!) and also temporarily taped together with masking tape. All 46 of them now form a 4.6 metre curtain. I also managed to cover the 4.83 wooden beam with a silver tape – it actually looks pretty good. I want to have only 3 main colours – black, white and yellow – and the curtain needs to be in grey – so the silver beam and silver text will look really good.

Up next…. fixing the curtain to the rod…

Week 42

2.14 metre sheets of polyethylene

I have never worked with polyethylene sheets before, and even though it’s the ideal material for the project, it’s a rather tough job to be precise when cutting it. I opened up the massive 25 metre roll and cut out sheets of 2.14 metres, which is the length of the curtain. I will be cutting 46 strips of 12 cm each. Let’s hope for the best!